ABOUT Express Restorations

  • Express Restorations is a Full Service Restoration Company based in Indianapolis that specializes in large loss. We offer one hour response 24/7 emergency services. Our one hour response services include board up of the home and or business, winterization, shoring and temporary fencing.  Express Restorations offers multiple Emergency Response Services immediately after an incident that are unparalleled in this industry. We offer temporary shelter, emergency clothing, and temporary power and lighting.  We will provide the homeowner a warm safe place to stay on their property for up to 5 days in one of our Emergency Response RV’s that are devoted solely to victims in our service area.  We offer full access to our victim’s assistance trailer that is stocked full of clothing for everyone in the family from infants to 4xl parents.  We have bedding, food, gift cards, toiletries, and even items to take care of the homeowner’s pets.  We provide temporary power and lighting to the structure and surrounding area through our on board generator.  This is very helpful during the first few days while the cause and origin investigation is carried out as well as the adjuster’s inspection.

    Our feed back from home owners has determined that most folks do not want to leave their home immediately after a fire or tornado. So we help accommodate the urge to just stay home on a temporary basis. At least until short term housing can be established and the structure is secured.

    Express Restorations makes it our mission to comfort each customer during their time of need.  Express Restorations makes the rebuilding process as smooth and stress free as possible in a timely manner. The Express Restorations team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our customers. As future  victims experience life’s unexpected disasters; Express Restorations will be here to provide all the necessary resources to help you rebuild your life and home. 


  • We handle the damage, so you don’t have to.

    If your home is in need of repairs, large or small, you need a professional on the job who can do all the work necessary to make you forget the damage ever happened in the first place. The experienced crew at Express Restorations can perform all these repairs and renovate any room of your home that is in need of an upgrade.

    With more than 20 years in the construction business, we’ve seen it all. From the impact of Indiana storms to complete overhauls of kitchens to fires that destroy the majority of a home, Express Restorations helped Indiana homeowners restore what matters most — and we’ve done it quickly.

    Complete restorations for damage done by water, fire, or storms

A small amount of water or a single gust of wind can have a major impact on your home. If this damage isn't repaired quickly, its effects can grow and cause major headaches (and huge bills) in the future. Fortunately, our team can help you repair everything from the structure to the smell so that you can get back to your busy life. Renovations that breathe new life into your home

    Renovations that breathe new life into your home

    The renovation of a single room or aspect of your home can completely change the way people see the space. Our specialty is kitchens and bathrooms, two rooms that are reflections of the homeowners, and that are completely customizable.

    When I started Express Restorations, I wanted to create a different kind of company. I wanted to establish a restoration and renovation firm that becomes a partner with each and every client. Whether that’s working with your insurance company or working within budgets, our vision is to put you first.

    As you experience life’s unexpected disasters or just want to raise the value of your home, Express Restoration is your partner with an emphasis on quality.

Services at a glance

Hail & Wind Damage

We can mitigate these problems and help get your home back into fighting shape. MORE

Fire & Water DAMAGE

Our experience with these situations will help ease the process and bring your home back to better than new. MORE


Roofing & Siding

Whether its a repair, a complete tear-off or even installing skylights, we’ve got you covered. MORE 

Kitchen & Bath

Let us upgrade or repair your kitchen and bathroom with new flooring, countertops, cabinets, etc. MORE

Emergency Services

Our experience with these situations will help ease the process and bring your home back to better than new MORE