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Do you want to use your garage for cars and not for cooking your meals? Express Outdoor Unlimited will build a KITCHEN in your backyard!

Cooking in your garage is very dangerous. You will eliminate the smell of cooking food that comes in your home. Cooking in your garage can easily trigger a fire without the proper ventilation.

Express Outdoor Unlimited is looking to make it a safe place to do all your cooking so that you don’t have to cook in your garage anymore. You will be able to use your garage for your cars, to let your children play, to have parties and to enjoy your house without having the smell of your food lingering inside your home.

Express Outdoor Unlimited can build you a kitchen that you can put right in your own backyard. The Kitchen will include:

- Stove
- Refrigerator
- Sink
- Microwave
- Cabinets


Express Outdoor Unlimited is able to make this available for you to purchase for a very reasonable price. We can get you approved so that you can make monthly payments on this kitchen, if you choose to apply for financing.

It’s very simple to own this kitchen in your backyard.

For more information or to rent the kitchen on wheels, call Tial Sung at 317-672-4283.

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