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Temporary Board Up Structures And Roof Tarps

Residential and Commercial Property Damage Experts

Protect and secure your property when you know there will be a period of non-vacancy due to a disaster. Sealing all entry ways and openings will decrease the chances of vandalism and damage to your property. Temporary roof tarps will also prevent any natural elements such as rain or animals from entering.

Temporary Structure – The Board-Up Process:

  • The two most common types of temporary structures that Express Restorations offer are board ups and roof tarps.
  • For Board-Ups:
    We use a combination of plywood, 2-by-4-inch lumber, bolts, latches, and locks to keep the elements outside, and the contents of your home inside.
  • For Roof Tarps:
    Roof tarps are installed when your roof begins leaking to stop any potential water damage on ceilings. Once the roof can be safely covered with a tarp, we will securely fasten the apparatus over the leak to prevent water from doing any more damage. The material usually consists of plastic tarps, 6 mill plastic, sandbags and 2-by-4 inch lumber



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