Vehicle Impact Restoration



We are ready to assist you with your restoration 24/7/365. Call us anytime and our service experts will schedule a walk-through of your property.

Our team of experts will assist you in developing a plan of action. Filing a claim is not always the right decision. Before you do so, make sure to call Express Restorations for a free consultation.

Our team will coordinate and schedule the project out with a reasonable timeline. You will receive weekly updates with new action steps till your project is complete!

Residential Property Damage Experts

We think of our homes as safe and solid. However, if an average two-ton car veers off the road and into your home, it can do significant damage. Express Restorations has experience in vehicle impact reconstruction and property restoration services. We can help you put your home back together after this type of incident.

When you call Express Restorations, our professionals will be on the scene quickly to assess the extent of the damage and to develop a plan for stabilizing and repairing the affected area. We’ll work with your insurance claims adjuster to communicate exactly what the damage is and what it will take to repair.

Our Restoration experts will:

  • Inspect and assess the damage
  • Board up and tarp compromised areas
  • Stabilize and repair the structure
  • Clean up debris created on impact
  • Paint and finish reconstructed areas
  • Address plumbing or electrical concerns
  • Reconstruct windows, doors, and framing



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